Upcoming CNA Classes in Indiana

CNA Classes

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 July 30th – August 17th July 16th – August 3rd
 August 20th – September 7th August 20th – September 7th
 September 10th – September 28th September 10th – September 28th
 October 1st – October 19th October 1st – October 19th
 October 29nd – November 16th October 22nd – November 9th
 December 3rd – December 21st November 12th – November 30th
(Off Nov 22nd, 23rd)
 January 7th – January 25th December 3rd – December 21st
 Feburary 4th – Feburary 22nd January 7th – January 11th
 March 4th – March 22nd January 14th – Feburary 1st

Upcoming QMA Classes

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Tues, Sept 25th, 9AM – 11AM
Class begins Tues, Oct 2nd, 8AM – 4:30PM
Class every Tuesday from
Oct 2nd to Nov 27th
QMA Registration
Thur, Sept 27th, 9AM – 11AM
Class begins Thur, Oct 4th, 8AM – 4:30PM
Class every Thursday from
Oct 4th to Nov 29th
QMA Registration
Fri Sept 28th, 9AM – 11AM
Class begins Fri, Oct 5th, 9AM – 5:30PM EST
Class every Friday from
Oct 5th to Nov 30th

We have classes year-round, every 3 weeks.

CNA CLASSES at private facilities

We also do private classes for your facility. Our instructor comes to you and does class for your facility at your location. We can train your employees. Discounts for facilities.