Insulin Training in Merrillville, IN

Med Ed QMA Training Classes offers insulin administration training for QMAs, compliant with Indiana Department of Health standards and guidelines. We strive to provide trainees throughout Merrillville, Valparaiso, Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County, IN with everything they need to earn their insulin certification, so they feel confident delivering a superior level of care to patients with diabetes.

1st Part of Class

8 AM – Noon CST
Go over ISDH Insulin Student Manual
Terms you must know
Insulin info + meds

2nd Part of Class

12:30 PM – 4:30 PM CST
Final Exam. Can only miss 3.
Pass then onto injecting. STAY.
Fail, try final again 1 more time at different class. Students that do not pass must leave after the final exam

QMA – Insulin Class Schedule 8a-4:30p CST 9a-5:30p EST – 2021

Must Register 1st. Must Pay 1st Class.

Merrillville Valparaiso LAFAYETTE
June 29th July 1st July 2nd
  • Students download from
  • Student forms plus facility forms needed
  • STUDY info on website
  • WATCH Youtube channel: Med Ed Inc
  • Must have facility OK and signed forms to go onto clinicals

Class Cost: $250 (does not include IVT $50 state exam fee)

Make a Payment Our Insulin Training on YouTube! Student Forms to Download

Overview and Standards

  • Must be QMA
  • Must do 2 hr clinical at a facility that has a policy to allow QMA to admin Insulin under RN supervision


Any facility that has QMAs administering insulin must have a policy in place that allows QMAs to administer insulin under the supervision of an RN. QMAs cannot administer insulin until their name is on the State Registry as an insulin-certified QMA. To be listed on the State Registry, QMAs must pass a class and clinicals to receive insulin certification.

Before class, students need to fill out all forms and have them signed by the facility where they will perform their two-hour clinical. Students cannot participate in clinicals until Med Ed has signed paperwork from your job. Please find the necessary forms linked below. Contact us if you have any questions.

Learn More on YouTube

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to view videos related to the QMA insulin training program. These videos are helpful for studying for the Indiana QMA insulin certification exam, as well as for general reference. We cover a complete range of topics, including insulin administration, diabetes, complications and various medications.

Additional Resources

Med Ed CNA Training Classes will cover insulin administration training extensively in class; however, we seek to provide our students with absolutely everything they need to gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the process and standards as stated by the Indiana Department of Health. Below you’ll find forms and additional resources.

Insulin Training Class


Learn More About QMA Insulin Certification

If you need insulin administration training and certification, contact Med Ed CNA Training Classes today to inquire about our upcoming class schedule and clinical opportunities. Reach us today at 219-661-8773 or check class schedules on our website.