Available Jobs

two nurses looking at an xray photo

Start working in a hospital, home health, or nursing home after your three week program!

Job Interview Tips

  • Be professional in dealing with all facility staff.
  • Follow their rules for job openings: ONLINE or in person or BOTH.
  • Be honest at all times. No gum, don’t smell like cigarettes.
  • Dress appropriately- Either a business outfit or a clean, ironed uniform.
  • You do not need to wait until you are done with your 3 week CNA course to apply.
  • If you are interested in continuing your education in the medical field, let the person interviewing you know that. Be sure to ask what kind of educational benefits they offer to their employees.
  • When choosing a job, don’t forget to take into account your cost for health insurance. Ask if you get health insurance & cost. Use that to compare other job offers.

How to Choose the Right Employer for You

  • Check hourly wage.
  • Check price of insurance.
  • Compare many jobs.
  • Check if the employer offers bonuses, shift differences, available overtime?
  • Can you choose your own hours?
  • Do they pay for future education?
  • Do they offer retirement?