CNA Training in Merrillville, IN

CNA Classes

We have been teaching classes since 2003!

CNA Classes only in Merrillville 5 days – then onto clinicals

Merrillville CNA Classes at Merrillville classroom (5 days) 1st week
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday for 2 more weeks working with our nurse at a nursing home and assisted living facility + lab hours ALL INCLUDED IN THE 3 WEEKS PROGRAM.

First week is in our classroom where you will learn all the procedures you will be doing the next 2 weeks during your hands-on care. Our nurse goes with the class to the clinical site to make sure procedures are completed per ISDH guidelines.

Our students access videos of procedures from our website to practice.

Your Certified Instructor is with you for all 3 weeks. We go as a group to the clinical site. We don’t pair you with a staff CNA.

You can start working immediately after finishing your 3 week CNA classes. Your state exam will be approximately 3 weeks after finishing your program-if you don’t have make-up days for clinicals.

What About You?

Are you wondering which direction to go? How to begin your new Journey?

If you have ever considered a rewarding career caring for others, being a CNA, is your chance to help others and yourself by starting your new career. You are needed.

And you can work so many different places:

You already know how to dress yourself, brush teeth, comb hair, right?

We just fine-tune each task so you learn the proper steps per Indiana State Dept of Health Procedures. That way you pass your state exam!

But remember…Practice makes Perfect! Read the textbook a few times before your exam. We also have our YouTube channel for you to practice your CNA procedures.


Celebrating 20 years teaching medical classes! CNA Training

Med Ed QMA Training Classes started in 2003 in Northwest Indiana teaching CNA classes. A few years later we started teaching QMAs. We now teach online QMA classes in Merrillville – come to 1st class (2 hrs), then class online, come to class 8 for review, final exam, procedures.

Our CNA training instructors are Certified through Indiana University as a Nurse Aide Training Instructor. You will love how patient, caring, and knowledgeable our instructors are at all locations. The residents that you do hands-on care for are so appreciative of everything that you do. Really. You will always be able to find a job in the health care field.

Contact us today to get started on CNA and QMA training! Check out our upcoming classes, pricing and payment protocol, CNA playlist, and more.