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Packages Available

CNA Package 1: $900 Class, state exam, and books, supplies. Student is responsible for their own TB test, physical, and black scrubs. Must bring criminal background check. Must purchase black scrubs.

CNA Package 2: $1,150 Class, state exam, books, supplies, two TB tests, physical, two sets of uniforms.* This is our most popular package. You will also be reimbursed for your uniforms, TB tests, and physical if and when you start working in a nursing home (full time, part time, or PRN). Must bring criminal background check.

CNA Package 3: $1,400 Class, state exam, books, supplies, two TB tests, physical, 2 sets of uniforms, watch, quality nursing shoes**, BP cuff, stethoscope, gait belt, and a Med Ed CNA Training Classes bag.

QMA Package: $900 Must be paid in full at registration. Must be CNA with 1000 hours LTC work and a high school diploma or GED. Includes class, IN QMA book, current drug book, supplies, and state exam. Classes are one day a week, 9 - 10 weeks. After class is completed, 45 hours of clinicals must be accrued.

Home Health Package: $350 This class includes the four days of CNA classroom plus one more day to finish up the HHA Skills class (total 5 day class). No certification through Med Ed CNA Training Classes, your home health job will certify you. Med Ed CNA Training Classes gives you the skills you need to start working right away while safely caring for yourself and your patient.


Uniform Size (CNA classes only):

Shoe Size (CNA classes only):

Enrollment Quiz

Read the segment below and then answer the following questions.

The fastest growing segment of the population in the United States is the elderly. The number of long-term health care facilities must increase to meet their needs. Because of medical advances, more people are living into adulthood and old age. With the growth of long-term health care facilities, we are more and more concerned that the elderly receive quality care.

Nurse aides provide most of the direct personal care. A nurse aid helps in feeding, bathing, and dressing residents, along with other tasks. The nurse aide can be the resident's best friend.

Question 1: What is the fastest growing segment of our population?

Question 2: It is our concern that the elderly receive what?

Question 3: Who provides most of the direct care to the elderly in long-term care facilities?

Question 4: Why are people living longer?

Math segment. Enter your answer in the boxes under the math equations.

  1. 255 + 177 =
  2. 140 + 28 =
  3. 87 + 14 =
  4. 111 + 942 =
  5. 55 + 66 =
  6. 130 - 24 =
  7. 81 - 74 =
  8. 355 - 265 =
  9. 42 - 38 =
  10. 161 - 84 =

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